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Benji Martinez Flores

Full Stack Developer

“Listopro te da la oportunidad de conectar con empresas que hacen match con tu perfil como candidato. Una vez que la empresa te contacta, su equipo está todo el tiempo atento del proceso contigo y ...
Experto en

Integration y APIS Rest APIs Gitlab CI Python Liderazgo

Valentina Oppen

Full Stack (PHP / JavaScript)

“Gracias a Listopro ¡estoy teniendo la mejor experiencia laboral! Me brindaron varias oportunidades con base en mis intereses y es una excelente plataforma, ya que se ocuparon de forma muy personal...
Experto en

Javascript CSS3 Unit testing Angular HTML

Trabajos Full-Stack Engineer en nuestra plataforma

Software Engineer Semi Sr (Colombia)


Cómo Software Engineer tu misión será trabajar en el diseño, planificación y desarrollo de nuestro producto. Buscamos personas que les apasione tener una mirada integral, desde nuestro cliente hasta el código funcionando en producción

Tus responsabilidades serán:

  • Planificación e implementación de nuestro producto digital.
  • Construir software de alta calidad contemplando testing, chequeos de seguridad y buenas prácticas en general.
  • Resolver problemas abstractos y ser capaz de llevarlos a software funcional.


Algorithmic Engineer (Remoto COL, PE o MX)

Food Delivery

About the position: 

Senior Algorithmic Engineer designs and maintains geolocation systems in Golang, specializing in graph theory algorithms. Responsibilities include collaborating on new functionalities, optimizing system performance, and mentoring team members.

The ideal candidate has solid Golang experience, proficiency in graph theory, practical knowledge of distributed systems, and strong problem-solving skills. Effective communication, independence, and a passion for learning are key attributes. Skills in version control (Git), databases (SQL), and a creative analytical mindset are valued.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Design, develop, and maintain geolocation and mapping systems in Golang.
  • Implement algorithms and data structures, with a particular focus on graph theory.
  • Collaborate with the development team to integrate new functionalities into existing and new applications.
  • Participate in the design and architecture of complex systems, focusing on optimization and performance.
  • Mentor other team members, fostering best development practices and sharing knowledge on algorithms and graphs.
Senior Fullstack .NET (Hibrido Monterrey)


Job Duties:

  • Build and implement complex, large-scale applications capable of integrating with multiple internal/external systems.
  • Engage in development efforts across the full SDLC from design and coding through to test, build, QA, deployment, and maintenance.
  • Review acceptance criteria and demonstrate plans to facilitate user acceptance testing that ensures solutions are built to meet business needs.
  • Mentor a team of junior software developers to build quality software solutions aligned with architecture guidelines.
  • Provide, improve, and enhance the stability of supported IT applications to business operations by gradually reducing tickets through root cause analysis and proposing permanent fixes to the respective team.
  • Strategize and support the migration of applications to server-less architecture solutions.
.NET Full Stack Software Engineer


We are looking for a talented and experienced .NET Full Stack Software Engineer with a primary focus on C# development, backed by a solid 2+ years of hands-on experience in .NET Core and Entity Framework. The successful candidate will play a key role in our dynamic team, collaborating with product managers, designers, and business analysts to deliver high-quality software solutions tailored to the unique needs of state government agencies. 


  • Develop high-quality code for the Client's suite of products
  • Collaborate with product managers, designers, business analysts, and other stakeholders to deliver software solutions based on specifications
  • Design and implement user-friendly interfaces and intuitive user experiences that align with the unique needs of state government agencies.
  • Develop robust backend systems, APIs, and services to support front-end applications.
  • Perform peer reviews of code written by others
  • Apply best practices to code development, including developing unit tests and applying secure coding techniques
  • Mentor junior developers on the team.
  • Work with the scrum team daily
  • Contribute to decisions made on determining effort and complexity
  • Participate in scrum ceremonies
Sr PHP Engineer


What you’ll get to do…

As part of the Managed WooCommerce team at this company, you’ll work closely with teammates on the  engineering and product teams to build fast, secure, and maintainable code in PHP using modern MVC and composability approaches. Our customers are business owners or eCommerce store operators, so it is important to build reliable, iteratable, intuitive experiences that get out of their way, make managing  their store fun and approachable, and help them grow their business. You will be responsible for translating product requirements into detailed engineering specs and collaboratively writing code with  an engineering team to implement them, along with reviewing your teammates’ work, and constantly improving how we work.

While most of your time will be spent writing quality code and reviewing the code that your teammates  write, you will also have the opportunity to mentor & learn from others, improve internal documentation & processes, build enhancements to our test / QA automations, and contribute to open source projects.

A typical day includes...

  • Building features and fixes based on detailed product requirements.
  • Reviewing your teammates’ code for readability, maintainability, and security.
  • Performing user testing on your own code and providing code reviews to teammates.
  • Participating in the full development lifecycle from research and planning engineering.
  • implementations to QA and deployment.
  • Adding to our internal wiki/documentation.
  • Assisting our care team with troubleshooting challenging issues.
  • Collaborating with other engineering teams across the company on shared projects.

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