What is digital talent?

Did you know?

Digital talent is in high demand and the salary of a digital talent is much higher than that of a traditional one.

Digital talents are those candidates who have specific digital skills. You may be working in large corporations, as well as in high growth companies and/or startups.
Digital talents generally have a particular knowledge in:
Digital tools (Apps, SASS, etc.)
They are tech enthusiasts
They are those talents that help bring digital innovation faster in the organization.

Where do digital talents work?


All the talents that have worked in tech startups can be considered digital

Large Corporations

The talents who work in the CRM and loyalty area of a bank or retail, using automatic notifications via email, SMS, WhatsApp


Where the product is a website, mobile application. In digital talent we have UX/UI, product managers, and all the technology workers (full stack developers, frontend, backend etc),

Digital Marketing

Or software sales: everyone who works in an agency doing performance marketing campaigns, or any technology vendor (from large companies such as Oracle or software platforms)

We can find digital talent in any area of work



Call Center



Human Resources


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